Kierstyn + Vinny | The Mansion

There's always a bit of added pressure when another photographer wants you to shoot their wedding, and when talented newborn photographer Kierstyn Schiavone initially asked me, I knew I had to step my game up. We shot their engagement session at a peach orchard over a year ago and it got published in a couple different wedding blogs, she loved it. Two weeks before her wedding, she asked me to come up with a place to shoot her and Vinny's portraits, explaining to me that nursing school had her so stressed that she forgot to do it. Now the pressure was really on. Well, I did a little thinking and came up with an idea that I thought could work if there were any blooming trees and the weather cooperated. After the ceremony I gave the limo driver the address and he looked at me and made a face that made me immediately start to panic. As we pulled up and the blooming trees of purple and white flowers filled my view through the windshield, I leaned back in my seat and smiled. Needless to say, Barclay Farms in Cherry Hill looked very much like Spring had shown up just in time for Kierstyn and Vinny's wedding day. Sandi and I managed to capture some pretty good shots I know the two of them will love. Thank you guys for such a fun and awesome day, making us feel more like friends then photographers.