Kaitlin + Nino | Tendenza

One of our favorite parts of this job is the variety of awesome people we meet, and places we get to work at. The Tendenza is one of the coolest places we've shot at in the Philly area, and its industrial yet chic feel made for some really unique photo ops. We had a few unique adventures occur during the day, including getting lost without GPS and our new SUV getting hit by a city cop during formals. We played it off and no one at the wedding had any idea anything out of the ordinary had happened. Once things settled down and it was time for the reception, things switched up fast as emotions got the best of us during the toasts. Kaitlin and Nino had gone through a lot of tragedy in their time together, very similar tragedy to what Sandi and I had experienced. Almost identical actually, and you could see the strength it had given them as a couple, now husband and wife. Often having to hold my camera to my face to hide my eyes, I watched as two families who hadn't known each other prior to Kaitlin and Nino getting together, now looked as if they were one big family all in one room. It was awesome day, one I couldn't be more thankful to be part of. Kaitlin and Nino made us feel like family and reminded us why we love this job as much as we do.