Looking Back At 2017 - Jenna



If I had to summarize my first year as a lead photographer with Twisted Oaks in one word, I would say 2017 was an overwhelmingly rewarding year. Not only did I gain new experiences, make new connections, improve on both my artistic and technical skills, work with talented new people, and explore new venues, but I was a part of making our Twisted Oaks clients happy. That is why we do all of this, and the one thing I love about being a wedding photographer is that it proves over and over again to be so rewarding. It also feels great to be on a team sharing these experiences with others that support one another! 

This past year, I quickly learned that there is something about our Twisted Oaks couples that sets them apart from the norm. They are all so adventurous and have the most interesting love stories! I love that our clients trust our artistic visions and are willing to do surprising things for awesome photos. Whether it's getting waist-deep in the ocean while still in their wedding gown without a second thought or playing arcade games on the boardwalk, Twisted Oaks clients are truly the best. I also appreciate that our clients give us ample time on their wedding day to render their images that will be heirlooms in their families forever. It fills a photographer's heart with happiness to know that this art is valued! 

2017 was a great year! It was one that handed me opportunities for connections and growth and I am so thankful for that!