Eric | The Best of 2018

Now that it’s almost May, we figured that it would be a good time to post another “Best of 2018” blog post. I mean, as long as it’s still 2019 we’re good right? Right. The other thing to keep in mind is that Eric still hasn’t shot his first wedding for Twisted Oaks yet, we knew we just had to get it published before then. Once that happens we have no doubts that the “Best of 2019” folder will start filling up, and quickly. I can guarantee that if you were to scroll through the images below without reading this first you would never guess that Eric Talerico is our newest Lead Photographer who spent the entire 2018 wedding season as a 2nd shooter. It’s part of the process to become a Lead for Twisted Oaks Studio although none of us have any doubts that he could have easily jumped right into that role without any issues. With that being said, it’s been quite exciting watching him continue to grow as not only a photographer, but as an artist and a storyteller who has taken full advantage of soaking up as much experience as possible. He’s also become a good friend and one of the most honest, humble, and hardest working human beings that I know. We’re extremely lucky to have him on the team and we can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for him.

Having first met Eric a few years ago at a weekend workshop that I hosted in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania, I don’t think either one of us ever saw this coming. Luckily, we stayed in touch and even though he was new to wedding photography at the time it was pretty easy to see the natural talent and artistic style he was working towards creating. While I wish I could take full credit for the talented photographer that he is today, I simply can’t. He was very smart and spent the past few years soaking up every ounce of knowledge and experience that he could from the many workshops he attended hosted by some of the best in the industry. I’d like to think that I at least played a small role in creating this beast of a photographer, but either way, Sandi and I are extremely thankful to have him as part of the Twisted Oaks family. Most importantly, excited for our clients who will be sharing their big day with him over the next couple of years.

Just three short years after meeting him for the first time as basically a rookie, Eric is now one of our most popular photographers, has helped teach at one of my workshops, and has become a regular contributor to SLR Lounge (one of the most popular educational websites there is for photography). It’s gonna be one hell of a year and as impressive as the images are in this blog post, I have no doubts that next year’s post will put it to shame. With that being said, if you’re a Twisted Oaks bride that booked Eric for your big day, there’s a slight chance that scrolling through the gallery below might not be a good idea. You’ll probably wish you were getting married sooner :)