Jessica + Matt Engagement | Tyler State Park

From the very first FaceTime call between associate photographer Angela and the newly engaged Jessica and Matt, she knew it was the perfect match. Their love for dogs was apparent right away and they had an immediate bond over Angela’s admiration of the groomsmen gift, (which I won’t say as I’m sure it is a surprise) but guess what?? They were kind enough to gift Angela this “surprise gift” and she absolutely LOVED IT!! The couple along with Angela explored the beautiful Tyler State Park and after weeks of cloudy days were lucky enough to get one awesome night complete with the perfect sunset. Angela, once again, did an amazing job capturing the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. and we cannot wait to see them all, including their perfect little bow-tie pup, on the big day.

Shannon + Billy Engagement | Society Hill

Associate photographer Angela met up with the adorable Shannon and Billy in Philly to shoot one awesome engagement session. Angela, being from “the neighborhood” herself, never ceases to amaze us with how much her love for the city really comes through in her images and Shannon and Billy’s love for each other shined just as bright. This is definitely one wedding Angela is looking forward to and so are we.

Brittany + Hugh Engagement | Tyler State Park

Associate photographer Angela met up with Brittany and Hugh at the beautiful, scenic Tyler State Park for one pretty adventurous Engagement Session. If you’ve seen our Instagram stories you would know that Angela even got in the water at one point…Why?…because she will do whatever it takes to GET THE SHOT, and we LOVE that!! We are loving this outdoorsy session and really digging the little pockets of light Angela used so creatively to capture Brittany and Hugh in a very romantic kind of way. Awesome job Angela. This is definitely one wedding we are all excited for.

Colleen + Ed Engagement Session | Haddonfield

Talk about gorgeous sunset!! Associate photographer Angela met up with the newly engaged Colleen and Ed in the quaint little town of Haddonfield, NJ for the most perfect engagement session. Angela along with the soon-to-be bride and groom explored the town and found some of the cutest little gems for intimate photos. They even made it just in time to the park for that amazing sunset light. What a gorgeous session, great job once again, Angela.

Victoria + Corey Engagement Session | Philadelphia Art Museum

Associate photographer Angela met up with this stunning duo Victoria and Corey at the Philadelphia Art Museum for their engagement shoot. This couple is certainly in love but what’s even cooler is the fact that they seem to be best friends as well. As soon as Angela met them it was obvious they were a super good looking couple but when their awesome personalities came out that’s when they really shined. They laughed and joked with each other and looked incredible doing it. This is definitely a wedding we are all looking forward to, and Angela once again did an amazing job.

Kelly + Brett Engagement Session | Fitler Square

When it comes to animals I don’t know if there is a better match than our very own associate photographer Angela. She is a true animal lover and the mother to her VERY cherished doggy, Murphy, so when it came time for Kelly and Brett’s engagement session in Philly it was a given that the answer was a big “YES” when they asked to bring their adorable pup along. The 4 of them explored Fitler Square and Schuylkill River Park capturing some truly beautiful images along the way. As the sun began to set they all realized just how perfect it was going to be, so they headed over to Kelly and Brett’s apartment where they all made their way to the rooftop for the most perfect and romantic sunset pictures. Another great job by Angela who says she cannot wait for this wedding in May.

Angela | The Best of 2018

A lot of other wedding photographers ask me about hiring others to photograph weddings for them. I give each and every one of them the same answer: don’t do it. So, why would I say that when Twisted Oaks has seen such great success over the past 3 years as a multi-photographer studio? Well, I spent 3 years studying other large studios, hiring a business coach, and really preparing ourselves to bring on our first two photographers. The first was Cecilia, the second was Angela. Sandi and I basically lucked out big time with the both of them and extremely appreciative that they are still here with us today. Not only were they willing to learn how to do things a little differently and go through the initial growing pains with us, but they truly believed in our business model and helped us turn the studio into what it is today. I really don’t know where we would be without the two of them and I’m extremely thankful to say the least. Especially, with Angela gaining the reputation as the photographer who loves clients who want their fur babies involved in the engagement shoot and/or wedding.

Angela was the only photographer that I hadn’t personally met before bringing her on as an associate. I felt at first that it was a risky move but was willing to take the chance. She hung in there with us as we made a lot of changes over the first two years and tried our best to make things go as smoothly as possible for them while making sure it also benefited the studio. It paid off as clients began falling in love with her laid back approach and it didn’t take long for her to learn why we wanted each of our associate photographers to take the time getting to know each and every client. She quickly began booking weddings and it hasn’t slowed down since. While there are a lot of things that we like all of our associate photographers to do to keep consistency across the board, especially as far as shooting is concerned, we also encourage them to stay true to their personal style.

Angela’s works really stands out and it’s easy for clients to see if she is the photographer for them or not. She has a somewhat traditional yet artistic and editorial style that clients have fallen in love with. She is the photographer best known for making clients comfortable in front of her camera and it’s easy to see while scrolling through the photos below. She is momma of a Cavy pup and because of her love for animals quickly became known as the pet whisperer, with almost every client with pets hiring her to capture their special day. She’s become more than a photographer to us, she’s become a good friend, and we don’t know where we would be without her. She had a kickass season last year and we couldn’t be more excited to show it off!


Amanda + Vince Engagement | Monk's Cafe

What do two people who are in love with not only each other, but also BEER, do on a cold winter day?? Obviously go to Monk’s Cafe in Philly and cuddle up with a few drinks to help keep you warm. The wonderful people at Monk's opened a little early and allowed associate photographer Angela to do her magic and create some really great images that fit right in with the ambiance of this super cool place. After that they braved the chill in the air and headed to the Rittenhouse area where they found some really interesting and unique backdrops to shoot. What a fun engagement session and again a great job by Angela.

Melissa & Virgil | Brooklyn Engagement

Our awesome Associate Photographer Angela took these engagement photos down under the Manhattan bridge underpass!