Cecilia | The best of 2018

First off, I can’t believe it’s already March, but I know I speak for all of us that we’re looking forward to warmer weather and the 2019 wedding season. Showing this blog post off makes us even more excited for the year ahead. Below is Cecilia’s Best of 2018 gallery showing off some of our favorite photos captured by her this year. One of the biggest benefits that Sandi and I have had over these past 3 years of running Twisted Oaks Studio is getting to watch each of our photographers continue to grow into who they are today, especially Cecilia.

Cecilia has been with us since the beginning and is one of our most popular and requested Lead photographers for a reason. As with all photographers, she’s extremely tough on herself which ultimately leads to her pushing even harder to become better and better. 2018 was a year where we watched her take a step back and re-evaluate what she needed to work on and as the season came to a close it was easy to see that it paid off. I really enjoyed putting this together and as you scroll through you’ll not only be able to see how talented she is but how natural our clients can be in front of her camera. Clients love working with her and it’s because of the time she spends getting to know each and every one of them that helps her capture the awesome photos that you’ll see below.

2018 was a special year and we have no doubts that 2019 will be her best year yet as she continues to evolve as a photographer and an artist. We’re extremely thankful for her and she plays a vital role in what makes Twisted Oaks one of the best wedding photography studios in the country.